How much mulch do I need?
Each yard will cover approximately 100 square feet based on 3 inches deep.

How many yards of mulch will my truck hold?
If you have a pickup truck or trailer, we can load you at our mulch yard.

Each yard of mulch weighs approximately 500 to 800 pounds per yard depending on the moisture content. A standard size pick up truck bed can accommodate two cubic yards. A small pick up truck bed can accommodate one cubic yard.

How many inches deep should I spread the mulch?
We recommend 3 inches deep to cut down on weeds. The basic procedure is to cover the soil with a fairly uniform layer of mulch about three inches thick. The mulch should be placed around and between the plants. Avoid covering your plants and keep the mulch an inch or two from the plant stems.  Raking and adding fresh mulch from time to time will help prevent weed seeds from germinating and growing in the mulch.

What is the difference between Dyed Mulch and Bark Mulch?
Bark Mulch is the bark from the outer part of the tree, there is no wood mixed in and it is not dyed.  It is a double ground mulch.   Dyed mulch is a wood mulch that double ground and dyed black, brown, or red.

Is the mulch treated with anything?
Our mulches are not treated with any chemicals.  Our dyed mulches contain wood and are colored with a non toxic dye similar to high intensity food coloring. 

Do I need to put down landscape fabric underneath the mulch?
Mulch will help cut down on most of your weeds and make any that come up easier to pull. Applying weed barrier before applying mulch will help prevent weeds from growing up from underneath the mulch.

What type of mulch should I use?
The type of landscape mulch you use depends on your application.  You should decide which color of mulch is needed for enhancing your landscape.  The mulches which are not dyed will fade faster than the color enhanced mulches, depending on the amount of sunlight that hits them. Both kinds of mulches will reduce water loss from the soil, improve soil quality and slow weed growth.

Does the price of my mulch  include delivery?
We offer FREE DELIVERY within a radius 15 miles of our mulch yard.  Of course we deliver beyond 15 miles for a nominal fee.